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With relentless dedication, our visionary craftsman elevates quality, beauty, and value, setting new standards in luxury textiles

Lucio Mamani: A Pioneer in Alpaca Fiber Production, Commercialization, and Exportation

Embark on the remarkable journey of Lucio Mamani, a visionary Peruvian Andean entrepreneur whose story serves as a beacon for aspiring business leaders. Born in the highlands of Antauta, Lucio’s upbringing amidst alpaca herding instilled in him a deep understanding of this noble camelid and its potential in the textile industry.

From humble beginnings, Lucio’s passion and determination led him to master the art of alpaca garment production. Through strategic investments in education and machinery, he transformed a small family operation into a thriving business empire.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Lucio continuously refined his products, setting new standards in quality, beauty, and affordability. His innovative designs captured the attention of international markets, propelling his company to unprecedented success.

With a focus on sustainability and community empowerment, Lucio established partnerships with local alpaca-raising families, creating a robust supply chain that benefits rural communities. His dedication to uplifting others extends beyond business, as he pioneers initiatives to enhance the technical skills and livelihoods of alpaca herders.

Lucio’s achievements have garnered widespread acclaim, earning him prestigious awards such as the Best Regional Exporting Company by PROMPER√ö and the Best Entrepreneurial Company during the Pandemic by DIREPRO.

With unwavering humility and a relentless spirit, Lucio Mamani exemplifies the transformative power of perseverance and purpose. His legacy not only transcends economic success but also embodies the ethos of compassion and empowerment, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs to dream boldly and create change.

In 1998, Lucio embarked on a new chapter, investing in a mine to fund his vision. With capital in hand, he established a workshop in San Blas, igniting a journey of innovation. By 2003, he expanded globally, exporting bespoke ponchos to England. Since 2014, Lucio has tailored his products for a younger audience, revolutionizing production. His commitment to the community extends beyond business, empowering over 80 families in Ocongate. Recognized by PROMPER√ö in 2018 as the Best Regional Exporting Company, and by DIREPRO in 2020 as the Best Entrepreneurial Company during the Pandemic, Lucio’s dedication has transformed lives and uplifted communities.

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